It's fast and convenient! No need to search the port is the sell for me.


Reasonable price for magnetic cable. Received mine just now, love it and it feels good.


I got a laptop, an iPad and a display, this cable switches them like flying!


Two-sided Magnetic Connection

Usually, magnetic cables only saves you half of the time---you still need to fumble a lot to connect another port. With Simplelink+, the magnetic magic now works in both ways.

4K 60FPS Video-out

For general display needs like gaming or working, Simplelink supports up to 4K video output at smooth 60fps for most of your setups, with first-ever HDMI magnetic connection. You can also choose the USB-C way if your devices support the latest standard.

10GB/S Data Transfer

The USB 3.0 standard empowers Simplelink to reach the speed limit of current portable SSDs across the board---10GB/S. That means for whatever SSD you have, one cable is all you need.

60W Power Delivery

Major companies' flagship ultra-thin laptops generally requires 60W input for charging. Simplelink does just that, with a easy on-off design for you to get power in a let-go. It can also power up your tablets or phones at the fastest speed with QC 3.0/4.0 standards.


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